A Bit About Me

Finding the right photographer for you and your family is a very personal thing and can be a little daunting.  It’s important to find someone that you are comfortable with as well as someone who will capture your memories in a style that you love.  So, I’d love you to get to know me a little to help with your choice.

Hi, I’m Julia.  I’m a mum of two  beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful hubby.  I’m a pretty easy going, relaxed kinda gal who loves being around people.  I love anything crafty or creative, I love reading (especially any kind of historic fiction!), I love spending time with my kids (which usually revolves around anything gymnastics or outdoorsy) and I love to cook.

Photography has always been a huge part of my life, from my very first camera I received in primary school to my first SLR camera in high school and having my own dark room set up at home, to where I am today.  I love that I can capture those small glimpses of life to hold onto and cherish.  Memories fade but looking back on photos transports us back to that moment in time to relive over and over again.

This has turned into so much more for me since having my beautiful girls.  Family is such an important thing (for me, it’s the reason we are here) and our kids grow up so fast.  This is why I want to capture as many of life’s moments as I can.  I want to be able to look back in years to come and watch my girls grow up all over again.

I focus on interaction and capturing the essence of the person over the perfect pose.  I want you to be able to look at your images and feel the emotion and love between your family.  To always have the memory of that cheeky grin, that quirky personality trait, the little toddler curls and chubby hands and all the other little details that your child will grow out of.  I want you to walk past those beautiful images hanging on your wall and always remember the fun you had together.  If I don’t bring a tear to your eye when you view your images, then I haven’t done my job properly!

I love meeting new people and love interacting with kids.  I love the fact that I can meet a child at the start of a session who is very shy and closed around me but after a short time of interacting with them, I am able to get them to completely open up and show me their unique personality.

I very much look forward to meeting and spending time with your family and capturing your cherished moment’s together.