Beautiful Winter Days | Melbourne Children’s Photographer

Beautiful Winter Days | Melbourne Children's Photography

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I just love waking up to the sun shining and beautiful blue skies on a winters morning.  I love the fact that I live close enough to the ocean to be able to take my beautiful girls there whenever I feel like it.  I love that they love running up and down the beach and feeling the sand between their toes.  I am indeed thankful for all these small blessings. Its often hard to find the time to appreciate these small things in the chaos of my busy life and sometimes it’s just nice to be able to take half an hour and watch the joy on my little persons face as she runs around and enjoys exploring.  The wonder on her face as she discovers new things, as she points at fish swimming in the sea and just the goofy faces she pulls, fill my heart with happiness. I’m thankful that I can capture these precious memories to have for a life time and grateful to be able to share them with you.

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