Miss Zara | Fresh 48 | Frankston Newborn and Family Photographer

Miss Zara | Fresh 48 | Frankston Newborn Photographer

I have to say that this is one of my favourite sessions to date.  There’s just something about a beautiful little newborn bubba that gets me every time! I’m a sucker for baby cuddles and their adorable little hands and feet.

This family were just beautiful.  Big brother Chase was full of energy and absolutely loved his little sister.  There were lots of cuddles and one point, he even wanted to share his lunch with her.  I loved seeing the pride in dads face and how much he loves his little girl and I loved capturing mum having some one on one time with her sweet baby, holding her and feeding her.  I think these images clearly show the love that this family has for one another.

A Fresh 48 session is a fantastic opportunity to capture those special moments within the first 48 hours of your babies life.  I take a relaxed, ‘fly on the wall’ approach that allows your family to just be you.  There’s nothing more special than seeing the joy of parents and siblings as they soak up the details and excitement of having a new baby to love.  A session that coincides with the big brother/sister first meeting is an especially beautiful moment to capture  Looking back on the births of my girls, I remember being so exhausted that I don’t  remember a whole lot from those first days in hospital.  I would love to have photos like these to remind me of all the details. 

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